6: Winter 2016-17: The mast bands

The last of the planned work this year was on the masts.

Last year Simon Beaven fitted these beautiful stainless steel mast bands to carry the halyard blocks. However, I still managed to scratch the masts with the blocks attached to the spar. The same issue affected the main mast and the mizzen.



So, after lots of discussion, I decided to ask Simon from Quayside Marine to fit some protective sleeves to each mast. Simon again worked with Stephen Lord (from Flux Fabrication and Welding) to create a sleeve for each mast – to protect them from the blocks.

The new main mast and sleeve is shown below. The sleeve is made from a thin (1 mm) sheet of 316 stainless steel, rolled and welded by Stephen into a tapered tube that slips onto the mast.

I’m sure purists would be worried about the additional weight aloft, but I think I’ll appreciate the absence of scarred paintwork more than I’ll be worried by any minor increase in instability.


And here is the mizzen:img_4121

And the two together:


And here is Serina back afloat with her new sleeves.


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