4: Winter 2016-17: The centre-plate

Apart from the work on the “stump” and bottle-screw, Serina also needed a fair bit of work on her centre-plate.

As far as I am aware, this winter is the first time that Serina’s centre-plate has been removed in 10 years and this is what it looked like.



Simon ground off the rust and treated it with a rust-preventer before priming:img_3925

epoxying – 4 times.img_3961

Followed by a rub-down and undercoating

and painting again.


Isn’t that beautiful?


3 thoughts on “4: Winter 2016-17: The centre-plate”

    1. Ben, thanks for taking a look at the site. No, I don’t think the board could come out from above – although we didn’t try. If you take a look at the pictures I took of reassembling Serina’s center plate – it shows that the hinge point of the board is too wide to come up through the cockpit floor – even with the housing removed. Hope this helps, Hugh


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