4: Winter 2016-17: The centre-plate

Apart from the work on the “stump” and bottle-screw, Serina also needed a fair bit of work on her centre-plate.

As far as I am aware, this winter is the first time that Serina’s centre-plate has been removed in 10 years and this is what it looked like.



Simon ground off the rust and treated it with a rust-preventer before priming:img_3925

epoxying – 4 times.img_3961

Followed by a rub-down and undercoating

and painting again.


Isn’t that beautiful?


6 thoughts on “4: Winter 2016-17: The centre-plate”

    1. Ben, thanks for taking a look at the site. No, I don’t think the board could come out from above – although we didn’t try. If you take a look at the pictures I took of reassembling Serina’s center plate – it shows that the hinge point of the board is too wide to come up through the cockpit floor – even with the housing removed. Hope this helps, Hugh


      1. Thanks for getting back to me. Now that the snow seems finally to be leaving, am getting to think about work for RAMONA. It looks like then you had to lift the boat to get the CB plate out. Did you need a marine lift or work out a clever way of jacking it up; if so how far up did she come? When you had the plate out, did you re antifoul the inside of the trunk? Ben


      2. Ben,

        Glad to hear that the snow is receding with you. To answer your questions, we lifted Serina with a marine forklift – because we had one available. The lift is able to raise Serina 15 feet or so. I think the minimum needed for removing the plate would be about 2-3 feet – so that once you’ve undone the hinge bolt, there is enough room to lower the plate out.

        The most important thing to remember is how heavy the plate is. My estimate is about 90kg / 200 pounds. Make sure you have some supports (or people to help you) as you undo it.


      3. And to answer about antifouling inside the trunk, no, we didn’t do that. It wasn’t too dirty. It had some build-up of calcification from marine worms, but not much – after 10 years. We just scraped it off. Hugh


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